Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence Takes Mystery Shopper Reporting to State-of-the-Art Level

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Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence Takes Mystery Shopper Reporting to State-of-the-Art Level

By Lynette Carrington

A wide variety of retailers have counted on mystery shoppers to help them gauge how well their company is servicing its customers. But, the written accounts of a mystery shopper’s experience have been shown to have a 30 percent deviation between what the report says and what actually happened. That discrepancy can cost a company time, customers and ultimately, money. Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence offers focused resources and technology to put into the hands of company managers and owners so they can see and hear the real story and experience the service interaction soon after it happens.

Owners and business partners Jonathan Przybyl, Tammy Spears, and Cherie Przybyl founded the company in 2009 after having other successful business ventures dating back to their college years. “We tend to look for any company that has a customer-facing business,” says Jonathan Przybyl of Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence. The company is most frequently engaged with retailers that have regional chains with 50 to 3,000 locations and currently counts Bashas’, Paddy O’ Furniture and a large Fortune 500 company among its many respected clients.

Eagle Eye has replaced the inactionable, static data of written mystery shopping with covert video data that is affordable for all industries. The company has built the world's first reporting platform that deeply integrates covert video with collaborative reporting that is easy to understand and quickly delivers the results the company decision makers need. Eagle Eye’s own proprietary Talon Video Mystery Shopping Software is available to clients via mobile, tablet and laptop to give quick access to mystery shopper data.

Eagle Eye works extensively throughout the Southwest and continues to grow its client numbers across the United States. When taking on a new client, the Przybyls and Spears work closely to develop the mystery shopping and reporting criteria to address exactly the key areas that are important to the individual business. After an introductory period where the mystery shopping parameters and reporting information are developed, the business can determine who has access to the Talon software. From that information, additional employee training and even employee incentive programs can then be developed to further ratchet up the level of good customer service. “It creates a culture of performance,” explains Jonathan. “Now people know that at any given moment, they might be getting evaluated. Eventually they get on board, too, because they see that they will eventually be rewarded.”

Mystery shopper reporting is constantly changing and Eagle Eye answers to those changes by staying ahead of the curve and always offering cutting edge technology and a fully integrated system for its clients. “Right now, we are the only company that can claim that we can get a video of a mystery shop to a client within minutes of the actual survey,” says Jonathan. The Talon Mystery Shopping Reporting Software is the platform that lets company representatives watch the mystery shopper in action and correlate the shopper’s response to the actual service experience.

The owners have a wealth of background in technology, business ownership and training. Combine that with the intimate knowledge they possess in connection with training, presentations and research and nearly any retail company can improve its performance with the use of Eagle Eye’s intuitive, thorough and insightful reporting software.

“One of the key things that a prospective client needs to understand is this-if they’ve already used video mystery shopping from others, they’re expecting the cost to be something they can’t afford. Video mystery shopping today has barely penetrated retail,” says Jonathan. “Compared to other companies that do video mystery shopping, our starting cost is about half of theirs,” adds Cherie. “We are very affordable.”

As the owners work to streamline and perfect the Talon proprietary software, it has caught the attention of competitors. Although Eagle Eye is not yet licensing its Talon Mystery Shopping Reporting Software to others, it plans to do so at some point in the future. “Just recently we were looking for further funding to help us with the accelerated rate at which we’ve been developing,” says Jonathan. “We found funding from a competitor.” The Talon Mystery Shopping Reporting Software is already revolutionizing the industry and creating unique buzz with competitors, too.

Eagle Eye has more than 200 shoppers who are trained to do the mystery shop that is custom-tailored for exactly the feedback that the retail client demands. When the shop is complete, the mystery shopper has the ability to upload their report and video to the Talon system where it is then shared with the client after a brief period of verification. “We don’t send the video off to the client until we verify it against the written report. That is part of our value proposition,” explains Cherie. With a typical 30 percent deviation in a written mystery shopping report without video, the video component is necessary and valuable to help companies see where its shortfalls are and strategize ways to make the customer’s shopping experience even better.

“Currently, 95 to 96 percent of businesses that use mystery shoppers use a system of written reports,” says Jonathan. “We’re in a position to convert that and it’s a $1.5 billion industry per year in the U.S. alone.” With Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence they ultimately are striving to make the shopping experience better for everyone involved.

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