Excitement is IN THE AIR on the Predator Zip Line

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Excitement is IN THE AIR on the Predator Zip Line

You stand on the edge of the platform.  You look down and your heart pounds as you gauge how high you are above the ground.  From the top of the towers, you can see majestic red rocks, the San Francisco peaks, and the whole breathtaking Verde Valley.   You look above to the blue sky... and JUMP!  Adreneline races through your body as you accelerate and the wind blows faster in your face.  You throw back your head and scream... "WOO HOO!!"

Excitement is IN THE AIR on the Predator Zip Line located inside the  Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde Arizona. Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime as you soar over Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Hyenas, Bears, Jaguars and other natural predators on a world-class zip line!!

No matter if its your first time on a zip line, or you've been on 100 others, you're gonna have a great time on the Predator Zip Line!

There are five ziplines, in fact, and a long rope bridge which in all take about 2 hours to complete.  The Guides at the Predator are excellent!  They are absolutely interested in your safety and enjoyment.  They are also very informative about the animals you zip over.   In all, the entire experience on the Predator Zip Line is VERY SAFE, professional, and filled with fun!

You should allocate at least three hours for the tour. The Predator Zip is approximately two hours and you will need time for check-in, orientation, and equipment training.

The Predator Zipline is perfect for a day trip from Phoenix or Sedona.  Conveniently located at the Out of Africa Wilderness Park , less than 20 miles from Sedona, in the heart of Northern Arizona's wine country, just minutes from tasting rooms and vineyards.

An Out of Africa Park Pass is NOT required to ride the Predator Zip Line. A separate ticket is required for ground access into Out of Africa. A Predator Zip Line Pass will not give you ground access to the park.   However, combination tickets are available it makes for a full day's adventure.

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