Five Things To Do On Your Next Arizona Vacation

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Five Things To Do On Your Next Arizona Vacation

Grand CanyonEverybody knows that Alaska and Hawaii are the 49th and 50th territories given statehood. Would anyone care to hazard a guess as to the 48th? Ding, ding, ding, a winner! You are correct, sir. It is, indeed, Arizona.

Unbelievable panoramas, spectacular events and unremitting hospitality make this state a joy to visit. On an Arizona vacation, you and your family will create lasting memories as you visit the natural wonders and thrilling attractions of this singular state.

Grand Canyon

For the nature lover, nothing can equal the grandiose beauty of the Grand Canyon. It is simply too magnificent to capture with words. Traveling around the rim on foot, bike or even mule provides breathtaking views and is always an adventure. For the more intrepid, there are daytrip excursions into the canyon or exhilarating rafting trips down the Colorado River. In every instance, the majestic beauty and intoxicating grandiosity of the Canyon is something to behold.

Meteor Crater

Interestingly enough, this crater is not named for the object that impacted the earth 50,000 years ago and created it. Instead, the U.S Department of the Interior, seeing just a hole, designated it, as per standard operating procedure, with the name of the nearest post office which, in this case, is in nearby Meteor, Arizona. Officially, this natural wonder is known as CanyonDiablo Crater. Tell that to your know-it-all uncle. This incredibly well preserved slice of history includes outdoor observation trails, a wide-screen movie theater, an interactive discovery center and a unique gift and rock shop.


Sports are a large part of the Arizona experience. Whether you like to participate or just watch, you can get your fill and more in the Grand Canyon State.

Watch a big league game with the Diamondbacks or, for some frivolity, come catch Spring training in the Cactus League when the boys of summer really cut loose. You will see things that will never see the light of day at a major league event. True sports fanatics will treasure and forever remember the experience. The season runs from mid-February to opening day.

For those who like their sports a little more physically demanding, Arizona is also home to more than 300 golf courses and the Phoenix Open. With fantastic scenery and courses for every skill level, golf is taken very seriously, OK, maybe not that seriously, by everyone in Arizona. The Phoenix Open, a PGA sponsored event, is held in late January in Scottsdale. It's the perfect time to visit Arizona.

Art, Music and More

The community of Sedona is a touchstone for all things mystical and artistic. The Red Rock Art Show, Jazz on the Rocks and the renowned Sedona Film Festival are just three of the premier art shows available in Sedona. Sedona is so much more, though, The inhabitants embrace all aspects of life including the mystical and the philosophical. Be prepared for a mind altering and expanding experience.  Sedona has some of the most popular spas and resorts.  Stay a few days and stay at your favorite Sedona Resort.

Native American Culture

An Arizona vacation would not be complete without a visit to the original inhabitants of this land. The simple mention of their names evokes a rich historical tapestry; the Hopi, the Zuni and the Navajo. Each tribe has devoted resources to document and to teach. Visiting their reservations in northeastern Arizona is a memorable and rewarding experience.

Arizona offers more than just tourist attractions. Arizona is a lifestyle. Visit us once and perhaps you will stay a lifetime. Whatever your choice, we welcome you.