From South Carolina to Scottsdale, Terri Edwards of Pluma Designs Has Made the Move... With Style!

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From South Carolina to Scottsdale, Terri Edwards of Pluma Designs Has Made the Move... With Style!

By Lynette Carrington

Moving across the country is a challenge for anybody. But when Terri Edwards of Pluma Designs made her big move from South Carolina to Scottsdale before the summer of 2015, she found a rewarding unique opportunity in re-establishing her brand loyalty with new clientele.

“It was a very big move,” explains Terri Edwards, master stylist at Pluma Designs. “I was in South Carolina for most of my career and was very well established. People knew me and I had clients who I had been taking care of their hair needs for over 20 years. I watched their kids grow up and get married. They were family to me and they knew me well enough to refer their friends and family to me.” Terri’s warmth, care and sincerity shine through to each and every client as she establishes long-lasting relationships.

The business climate in Scottsdale is different than South Carolina and has presented wonderful opportunities for the tenured stylist who has built her business on her talent, professional reputation and word-of-mouth. At her salon home at Pluma Designs, Terri and her clients benefit from a professional environment that is engaging and personally tailored to meet the individual styling requirements of each person. Making a personal connection and developing a complete relationship with each client is paramount to Terri who enjoys strong customer loyalty which in turn produces referrals.

Terri’s move from the East Coast is a relatable experience for her clients, many of whom have transplanted to Scottdale from other cities. In establishing trusting and engaging relationships with those clients, they now feel very confident that they no longer need to fly back to their hometown for hair styling services.

Terri’s clients are diverse, come from every walk of life and range from businessmen in the technology sector, flight attendants and women who work in the banking industry, to Mary Kay sales associates and retired women who enjoy having their hair styled every week. She is enjoying meeting new people each week, getting to understand their unique hairstyling needs and is excited to share her expertise with new and potential clients. Terri takes the time to listen to what is going on in their lives and provides compassion and understanding while remaining an attentive and interactive listener.

“I love working at Pluma Designs. The transition has been wonderful. The girls at Pluma have taken me in and I have found my salon family here. People are still getting to know me and seeing and experiencing my work. What I’ve learned is that building a clientele takes time. I’ve found avenues to get myself out there through networking meetings and and slowly people are getting to know me, see my work and are referring their friends and family. I very much look forward to spending the rest of my career at Pluma Designs and watching my new clients and friends list grow!”

To learn more about master stylist Terri Edwards visit Pluma Designs is located at 7000 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 1607, Scottsdale. Call Terri for an appointment at (480) 492-6494.