Main Street Gallery Events in February

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Main Street Gallery Events in February

It's February in Scottsdale, Arizona and the art season is underway. Known for the sunny mild days and clear brisk nights; it's the perfect backdrop for a stroll down Main Street as you experience art from around the world showcased in Old Town Scottsdale. Enjoy the work of more than 1,000 artists at 50 plus galleries, there's plenty to see - all conveniently located in a two-block area. The internationally recognized Main Street has been home to some of America's premier galleries since 1965. Art collectors worldwide have made the area a source for original pieces of a myriad of genres. It's a place where emerging artists are discovered and established and renowned artists are regularly showcased. Whether you're a serious art collector or simply a casual browser, you won't want to miss the Galleries on Main Street in Old Town Scottsdale.

Enjoy the Thursday night ArtWalks. For more than 40 years, this has been an easy and fun way to take in all this art. Old Town Scottsdale's Main Street hosts one of the Southwest's great cultural events, "America's Original Artwalk." This grand open house for the galleries takes place Thursdays from 7pm-9pm. More than just an aficionado's perfect evening, the Art Walk is also a cherished community tradition that brings together residents and visitors. Wander into galleries at your own leisurely pace; stroll around a delightful street lined with famed restaurants, live-music venues, and more; and enjoy the horse drawn carriage rides and trolley rides that are often available.

It's "art-appreciation" taken to a whole new level.

Biltmore Galleries - 7113 East Main Street

McCarthy's primary sculpture medium is working directly in wax. His sculpture radiates the same quiet physical energy as the artist himself. As a dramatist, he sets relatively simple stages that rarely hold more than one or two players. Immediately apparent however, is the solidity and realism of his figures. His braves stand, run and ride easily; his horses move with a believable and lively balance, without being bolstered by the strength of the bronze alone. His dancers move with grace and vitality. The pieces also show his meticulous research, both in terms of anatomy and history.

"The Avenger" by Kevin McCarthy

Multi-award-winning artist Benjamin Wu paints in traditional categories yet with a style uniquely his own. His artistic output includes touching genre scenes depicting life in the American West and rural Asia, sensitive nude studies, and brilliant still lives.

Wu's favorite style is realism and his current paintings predominantly focus on Western subjects, especially of the early settlers, farmers and gold miners.

"Powwow" by Benjamin Wu

Bonner David Galleries - 7040 East Main Street

Romona Youngquist's work can be recognized by the picturesque barns and country houses, bright pops of color, and strong brushstrokes that make up her idyllic country scenes. The works from her newest show are no exception, allowing you to travel from the congestion of city life, to the serenity of the country.

Romona Youngquist's Show "Pathways Home"

Reception: February 19th, 6-9 pm / Show runs from February 19-March 4

Esses Rare Objects - 7169 East Main Street

Specializing in 19th Century European and Asian antiques and objects d' art, art deco sculptures and European fine art. Esses Rare Objects carries an extensive collection of precious stone carvings, jade carvings, Japanese porcelain, Dresden, art deco, art nouveau, European bronzes, and American and European oil paintings. Be sure to stop by Esses Rare Objects, say hi, and enjoy the extensive collection of beautiful work on display.

French Designer Jeweler - 7148 East Main Street

"A gallery for jewelry arts." French Designer Jeweler features original creations by artists from around the world, in unusual gemstones and precious metals. French Designer Jeweler represents unique, high quality, artistically designed fine jewelry. The store's ambiance encourages patrons to find beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry with a style suitable for their lifestyles. Their clients have said, "When they wear our jewelry, people notice." These clients return time after time to be dazzled by the ever changing array of contemporary and sophisticated designs. Award-winning jewelry-designers seek the opportunity to place their creations at French Designer Jeweler. This is the most original and beautiful designer jewelry, so don't miss out on the beautiful original designer jewelry at French Designer Jeweler and come by!

The Legacy Gallery - 7178 East Main Street

"Urban Landscapes" -Show runs February 12th - 22nd

Hsin-Yao Tseng, John Michael Carter, Tibor Nagy, Douglas Morgan.

Guest Artists: Craig Nelson, Vincent Giarrano, Jacob Dhein, and Kim English

The vibrant genre of landscapes is featured in this show with scenes depicting sweeping views of well-known cities, intimate looks of a favorite storefront or building, or busy streets with pedestrians and automobiles.

"London Flower Show" by John Michael Carter

May Gallery - 7190 East Main Street

May Gallery shows the most variety of quality original art available anywhere. Come visit their new gallery showroom and see their exciting selection from nearly 50 artists. They have been providing "The May Gallery Experience" since 1972, so be sure to stop by-- you won't want to miss it!

Pejman Gallery - 7165 East Main Street

Established in 1988, Pejman Gallery primarily exhibits oil paintings by the artist Bob Pejman, as well as original paintings by leading American and European artists, and the sculptures of Gaylord Ho. Pejman's captivating renderings of European and old-world vistas are internationally acclaimed. Come by to say hi! Whether you're looking to start your collection with a piece by Pejman himself or a work by one of the many well-known artists in Pejman Gallery, you're bound to find something exquisite in the selection of timeless and classical American and European original oils.

Scottsdale Fine Art - 7116 East Main Street

Our Annual Landscape Feature is one of our most popular shows every year. Each of the artists showcased has their own unique style in their approach to landscape. Douglas R. Diehl emulates a style reminiscent of the Old Taos School. Peter Holbrook is a master of creating seemingly photographically real renditions of the canyons of the southwest. From afar they appear like photographs, but as the viewer draws near, the painterly nature of the brushstrokes is dramatic and awe inspiring. Seth Winegar is known for his pastoral scenes of the countryside, often incorporating barns, bovine or sheep, completed with many layers of paint and glaze giving his paintings a dreamy quality. Carol Swinney is well known for her palette knife paintings of locations in Arizona, Colorado, California and Wyoming.

Annual Landscape Show / February 19th - March 4th / Reception: Thursday, February 19th 7 - 9 PM

The Signature Gallery - 7177 East Main Street

"Amor a la Vida" featuring paintings by Manuel Avendano

Opening artist reception: Thursday, February 19th, 7-9m / Show extends through February 19th to March 30th

"Amor a la Vida" featuring paintings by Manuel Avendano which express the passion, romance and sensitivity of life through emotion and light.

"Morning Sound" by Manuel Avendano

Enjoy refreshments and music at a Book Signing and reception for J.R. Eason's new book "Through the Back Porch Door"

Thursday, February 26th / Artist reception February 27th from 7 to 9 pm

JR Eason, a third generation farm woman tells her story of how she has fulfilled her dream as a self-taught professional artist. Proceeding her book signing at Barnes and Noble, she will be present in-gallery to talk about her works.

Sunmor Fine Art - 7135 East Main Street

Ron Kent is an internationally renowned wood turner. Special presentations of his work have been given to Pope John Paul II, the Emperor of Japan, three different US Presidents, and several crown princes. His work is in permanent collections in the White House, the Louvre, and the Smithsonian. Kent is best known for his translucent bowls made of Norfolk Island pine. This is a must see collection. The artist is retired and this is a chance to see and purchase from one of the largest displays of his work in recent history.

Special Showing of Ron Kents work. February 19th, 2015 7pm-9pm

Trailside Galleries - 7330 Scottsdale Mall

"Equine Elegance" by Bruce Lawes

Lawes has created a series of masterful equine paintings. The range of his equine interpretations reached far and wide, from depicting the plight of America's wild mustangs to portraying the power and speed of racehorses and hunter/jumpers to the grace and elegance of dressage horses.

"On a Cloud" by Bruce Lawes

February 12 - 22, 2015

"Essence of the Human Form" - February 16 - 28, 2015

A four-person show that will feature figurative painters Michael Malm, Albin Veselka, William Whitaker and guest artist Christina Cooper. Figurative art generally describes artwork, in particular paintings, which are clearly derived from real object sources, and are therefore by definition, representational.

Whatever you are looking for, you will probably find it here, whether it's modern, abstract, Western, or impressionism; art from Russia, South America, Asia, Europe, or the U.S.; or a sculpture, jewelry, or paintings. Art lovers of all kinds have always found an abundant selection of exquisite originals at The Galleries on Main Street.