Smart Money, Smart Women Event to Take Place Thursday, April 23

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Smart Money, Smart Women Event to Take Place Thursday, April 23

This year, women and men from all over Arizona are invited to join top leaders from the fields of storytelling, social media and fund raising to find out how to use this knowledge to grow business with innovation, creativity, empowerment and networking. Smart Money, Smart Women takes place at the National Bank of Arizona Conference Center 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Thursday, April 23 followed by a comprehensive LinkedIn workshop from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

National Bank of Arizona (NBAZ), Women's Financial Group President Mary Holman says, "Smart Money, Smart Women has been taking place for many years. The reason it is important is that the bank started a group about seven or eight years ago called the Women's Financial Group and it was founded by one of our executives Deborah Bateman. The whole idea was to get women together to collaborate and have discussions and that has evolved into having one main event hosted by National Bank of Arizona for the Women's Financial Group." The special event covers a variety of topics related to financial health.

"This year we have two really great panels that give some great information to our audience," says Holman. "We have a keynote speaker, Kendra Hall. She's starting our day off at 8 a.m. on Thursday, April 23. She is a well-known author and speaker that likes to talk about storytelling and how we all have a story to tell. She is going to talk about what that means and what that looks like and how to actually know what your story is."

After an individual's story is discovered, what comes next? "We put a panel together of social media experts and Kendra is going to moderate and lead that panel," explains Holman. Panelists will cover a variety of topics including strategies for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and how to harness the power of social networking.

Power Panelists Include:

Getting Your Story Out There-
Kate Rogers, People Ops, Weebly - Your Story Needs a Great Website
Christine Hueber - LinkedIn #1 All Time Top Female Expert - Strategies & Secrets to Grab Your Business Audience
Rick Brown - CEO, Hot Salsa Interactive - "Gamify" Your Brand
Hayley Ringle - Reporter, Phoenix Business Journal - How to Create A Killer Headline
Leigh Dow - Vice President of PR, LaneTerralever - Social Media Expert

"In addition to the social media panel we have a "Funding Your Dream" panel," adds Holman. "Now you've learned your story and how to get it out there on social media. But what do you do if you need money? How do you get money, where are those resources and what kind of money do you need?" The second panel will explore resources and give attendees ideas on how to proceed in following their business dreams.

Funding Your Dream - How to Raise Early Capital and Where to Find Funding
Cathy Arivizu - Business Banker, National Bank of Arizona
Courtney Klein - Co-Founder, Seed Spot
Heidi Jannenga - Co-Founder, WebPT
Roberto Valdez-Beltran - Market Manager, Accion
Kristen Wilson - COO, ASBA (crowdfunding)
Kathy Sacks - Founder and Angel Investor, Fearless Ventures

"Our audience is broad...," says Holman. "We want everyone from people in large corporations to freelancers and entrepreneurs. All of us can elevate ourselves by using social media."

"We all talk about our financial health, but what does that look like?" poses Holman. "How do I within a large corporation move up or put myself out there so that I can make more money or that I can have better opportunities to make more money? Same thing for an entrepreneur, how do they get their word out so people want to come and do business with them so that it improves their financial health? It's really a beautiful blend of things that are so relevant today from a social aspect to what is important for your financial health."

"The way our board is made up-we have internal people from National Bank of Arizona and then we have community leaders. It's a nice blend of women who are trying to promote National Bank of Arizona," states Holman. "We're really proud of National Bank and we're a through leader when it comes to trying to help our community in financial health, in particular, women. But, we'd love men to attend this event. This is relevant information for both genders."

A portion of proceeds from Smart money, Smart Women goes to National Bank of Arizona Charities. "Any net proceeds go into NBAZ charities. NBAZ Charities as we have various fundraisers-we have a number of activities that the bank does for the community-then net proceeds from a number of those activities go back into the community," finishes Holman. NBAZ Charities consists of executives and employees within the bank who look at funding requests from the community and disperse funds according to the mission of NBAZ Charities.

For additional information and to register for the Smart Money, Smart Women event visit . The conference is $60 and the conference plus LinkedIn conference immediately following is $85 and a portion of net proceeds will go to NBAZ Charities. The NBAZ Conference Center is located at 6001 N. 24th Street, Phoenix.