Your Spiritual Home Away from Home

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Your Spiritual Home Away from Home

Your Spiritual Home Away from Home

No matter where you land, the true marker of any religion is love among its worshippers. The great state of Arizona and would like to extend that love to all its residents, future residents and tourists. Whether you are Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish or another religion, there are spiritual homes you can visit while you’re here.

St. Patrick’s Catholic Community Church
10815 N 84th St.
(480) 998-3843

St. Patrick’s community of worshippers believe in hospitality and life giving worship. Everything they do is meant to build you and your faith up, so that you are strong enough in your conviction to go forth in the world. Even the 1200 plus seats are set up in a way for all to receive the good news clearly and as a cohesive congregation.

The New Shul
7825 E. Paradise Ln.
(480) 922-7118

The New Shul is a Jewish non-denominational synagogue that is all about you and your growth. They believe that labels don’t fit them very well, or you for that matter. They are committed to gender equality, the value of critical questioning and the openness to differences.

Northway Baptist Church
15444 N. 100th St.
(480) 257-8836

Northway was started by Pastor John Vaught after a trip through Scottsdale in 2011 revealed to him a lack of spiritual homes. After praying about it with his wife and family he decided to move his family to the area and bring the gospel with him.

Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
6840 E. Gold Dust Ave.

(480) 948-3315

Those in the Mormon faith community would like to invite you to come to one of their many homes of worship and experience them for yourself. The sense of community and family in the Mormon faith is outstanding!

The Islamic Center of the North East Valley
12125 E. Via Linda
(602) 456-0199

Even one of the most misunderstood religions today has found a home in Scottsdale. Started by a group of Muslim families living in the area back in 1998, those in the Islamic Center of the North East Valley have dedicated their lives to peace and teachings of the five pillars of Islam.